Compliant and Impactful Design for Your Cannabis Business.

My name is James Pierce. I am a graphic artist and packaging designer from Southern California, and I specialize in the cannabis and CBD industry. Everything from labels to bags and boxes, and anything in between, I provide packaging design solutions for flower, concentrates, pre-rolls, tinctures, edibles, and more. With my knowledge of the medical and recreational cannabis markets, I will help you create organized, impactful and compliant designs for your brand.


Branding and Logo Design
My logo and branding services will help you set the tone for your business. Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to update an existing logo, I will help you bring your vision to life. 

Packaging Design
For many consumers, first impressions can last a lifetime. But good packaging design isn't just about looking good, it is also about communicating the right information, messages and vibe. My packaging design services will ensure that you're capturing the attention of your target market while staying legal and compliant. Currently specializing in solutions for flower, pre-rolls, vape products, edibles, concentrates, and psychedelics.     

Graphic Illustration and Design
I can also provide design for strain artwork, product catalogs, manuals, brochures, menus, clothing, and posters. Although my most popular request is for my cartoon-like illustrations, my style is extremely versatile. 

Cannabis Packaging and Branding Consulting
Cannabis is a rapidly-evolving industry that must develop based on both consumer preferences and the ever-changing local laws and regulations. This can be difficult to navigate for new businesses with limited resources. In addition to providing my own insight into the current market and trends, I will do research on your behalf to ensure that your brand can thrive with confidence.