Branding & Logo Design

This series of images features a brief selection of the logos and brands that I have designed over the past several years.

Each logo has been thoughtfully created with the unique needs of the cannabis industry in mind, with careful consideration given to local compliancy standards, target audience, and the individual needs and challenges that each client has.

Many of my designs have a strong personal style that is rooted in playful illustrations that are often described as having a fun and energetic vibe. While many of my clients do request this style of design, I approach each project with an open mind and willingness to adapt my style to meet the needs of my clients and allow them to seamlessly align with their target audience and goals.  

Packaging Design 

As a designer specializing in packaging for the cannabis and CBD industry, I provide effective solutions for product lines that include multiple strains, flavors, and varieties, while also maintaining cohesive brand standards. I am also well-versed in compliance regulations for medical, recreational, and legal hemp/CBD products, ensuring that all designs meet the necessary requirements depending on the location.

My focus is to create eye-catching and innovative packaging designs that not only capture the essence of the product but also help it stand out in a crowded market. Whether it's labels, blister packs, boxes, jars, or any other packaging material, I can provide design solutions that are both functional and visually appealing.

Cannibal Sativa (Art & Apparel)

In 2014, I founded Cannibal Sativa, a small clothing brand that I began as a side project to practice my design skills. Inspired by old-fashioned propaganda against marijuana from the 1930s, I designed a series of parodies that incorporated some of my favorite graphics from pop culture.

In 2018, I expanded the brand to include selling t-shirts and merchandise at pop-ups and events throughout Southern California. Over time, Cannibal Sativa became a moniker under which I provide design services. Through my work with Cannibal Sativa, I've gained valuable experience in designing for the cannabis industry and creating unique and compelling graphics.